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Drone Rescue System for DJI M300 and M300 RTK

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  • The DRS-M300 was designed for the DJI Matrice 300 and Matrice 300 RTK. It is connected via DJI’s onboard SDK and is compatible with all current DJI extensions and antennas. Flight parameters for failure detection are specifically adjusted for the M300, based on countless hours of flight data, that have gone into optimizing
    failure detection algorithms.

    The DRS-M300 is by far the lightest intelligent solution available for the Matrice 300 and was designed for our customers who requested a parachute system that combines the highest safety standards with minimal influence on the drone’s performance. The optional IP-rated all-weather protection and geofencing functionality make it suitable for the toughest situations in the most challenging flight environments. It is therefore chosen and successfully used by professionals of various industries and government authorities around the world.

    The DRS-M300 combines maximum reliability with high flexibility and user-friendliness. The result is a unique performance to weight ratio for more time in the air by taking up less of the drone’s payload capacity. For safety and reliability reasons, no pyrotechnical components, metal springs or gas cartridges are
    used. The parachute is never stored under pressure, for quicker inflation and safe landings even at lower altitudes. After deployment it only takes minutes to ready the system again, by either repacking or using a spare parachute, with no expendable materials that need to be replaced.

    What's In The Box?

    1 x DRS-M300 System
    1 x Parachute for DRS-M300

  • • Tested according to ASTM-F3322-18 standard.
    • Lightweight design - Total system weight of 490 g through intelligent engineering and advanced materials.
    • Automatic failure detection and parachute ejection: Intelligent electronics monitoring various flight parameters for independent and reliable detection of system failure.
    • Fully autonomous system - independent IMU and electronics with no external batteries needed.
    • Integrated flight termination to stop rotors when activating the parachute.
    • Optional geofencing and manual trigger available.
    • Optional IP-rated all-weather protection.
    • No pyrotechnical components involved.
    • Parachute deployed by our ultra-light and patented sling-chute mechanism.
    • Connected via onboard SDK (DJI API).
    • Audible system status updates and warning signal after deployment.
    • LED-Indicator for visual confirmation of the system’s current status.
    • Reusable within minutes after deployment through repacking or using a spare parachute.
    • Bayonet lock for quick and easy attachment and detachment, whenever needed.
    • Fits in the original transport case of the DJI M300
  • Specifications
    Tested according to ASTM-F3322-18 Standard
    Simple content
    DJI Matrice 300 / RTK
    System weight
    V01: ~ 490 g
    V02:~ 390 g
    V01: 165 mm / 75 mm
    V02: 130 mm / 75 mm
    Parachute Deployment
    within 20–30 m
    Geofencing, IP-Protection, RC Trigger
    Descent velocity
    V01: 3-4 m/s
    V02: 2-4m/s
    Impact energy
    V01: 30.15-120 J
    V02: 6-80 J
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