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Nightingale Security

Since 2014, Nightingale Security has been building and deploying autonomous drone systems that protect critical infrastructure for Fortune 500 companies. Our automous perimter security system features networked base stations and mission-ready drones which can airborne in less than 30 seconds. The drones and base stations are a force multiplier providing additional capabilities, and they never switch off. They’re on duty, alert, and ready for deployment 24/7. The system is driven by our Mission Control software featuring C4AI (Command, Control, Communication, Compute, and AI). It equips security teams with a real-time decision support system to help keep their facilities safe.

How Is Nightingale Used?

Our system has flown tens of thousands of missions protecting corporate headquarters, rail yards, medical research facilities, space and defense manufacturing facilities, and commercial farms. During these missions the system weathered rain, snow, dust storms, hurricanes, polar vortices and more—from the high plains of Colorado to the coast of Florida, from the timberland of Michigan to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, and more.


•Autonomous Perimeter Security
• Designed specifically for security applications
• Stationed onsite for rapid response to alarm events
• Autonomous takeoff, patrol, landing and recharging
• Schedule missions to launch at repeating intervals
• Share live video streams to gain situational awareness
• Mission Manager works across all devices—PC & mobile
• Integrates with existing VMS, alarm sensor and alert systems
• Retrieve data and video 24/7 from our secure data storage
• Drone-relay capability for extended or persistent monitoring
• Autonomous navigation to the point of interest
• Dual sensor (visible and thermal)

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