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SkyeBrowse is the brainchild of multiple research projects at Rutgers University funded by state and federal agencies. The research allowed the founding team to create the concept and IP behind SkyeBrowse. The secret sauce behind SkyeBrowse is videogrammetry, where we use 1 video instead of hundreds pictures to create a 3D model. Instead of taking hours to capture the data for a 3D model, SkyeBrowse simplifies it with 1 video in under 5 minutes. This allows departments to make a 3D model with one tap, which is the driving force behind tactical situational awareness.

How Is SkyeBrowse Used?

We have accepted the inefficiency of emergency response as a reality. 50 years ago, departments used measuring tapes to document scenes in 5 hours. 10 years ago, departments used laser scanners and cameras to document the scene in 5 hours. Drones have come into play and departments are able to document the scene in 1 hour with extensive training.

With SkyeBrowse, all the evidence is collected in under 5 minutes with no training. Emergency response is a tedious and dangerous process. It costs millions of hours of traffic and way too many public safety lives. SkyeBrowse was founded with one mission in mind โ€” be it HAZMAT, SWAT, accident reconstruction, natural disasters, or structure fires โ€” to be the force multiplier that simplifies emergency response.

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Revolutionize your military operations with Midnight Sun!

This advanced AI technology identifies objects from aerial video and positions their GPS coordinates into a 3D model in real time. Unknown personnel are displayed in red, while friendlies are shown in blue. The program can also be trained to detect vehicles, missile damage, and other objects of interest directly into a recently-generated 3D model, for up-to-date, actionable intelligence. It is also compatible with any video source and can be used with TacBrowse, the mobile app which displays your teamโ€™s coordinates as they conduct their missions. Visit our website to get on to learn more and join the waitlist to deploy it in your future tactical missions. Stay ahead of the game with Midnight Sun.

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