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Introducing Tracer Drone Deliveries

Tracer Drone Deliveries is a cutting edge service devoted to fast, efficient, safe and environmentally friendly logistics through the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV Drones). Our goal is to lead the way into the future of product delivery via drone technology. Drone delivery services will provide faster customer service and more environmentally friendly deliveries. Trace Drone Deliveries is devoted to the safety of this technology and adheres to all local and federal laws to gain the trust of the consumer and community around it. Tracer Drone Deliveries is leading the way and looks forward to pioneering this package delivery solution!

Benefits of Delivery Drones

Is Drone Delivery Safe?

Tracer Drone Deliveries is working closely with all local and federal agencies as we lead the way into the future of Drone Delivery. In many ways, Drone Delivery provides a much safer form of transportation than traditional methods. Here are the precautions we are taking to stay safe inflight. 

  • Flights will be operated at no higher than 400 feet.
  • Designated emergency landing areas will be planned along all flight paths.
  • Drones will always kept in eyesight with the use of a observer.
  • Flights will remain clear of and will not interfere with manned aircraft operations. Drones will always see and avoid other aircraft and obstacles.
  • All airports, or control towers, will be notified before launch of the drone. 
  • Drones will not fly in adverse weather conditions such as high winds or reduced visibility. 
  • Pre-checks will be conducted vetting that the operating environment is safe and that the PIC is competent and proficient in the operation of the UAS.
  • Drones will not fly near or over sensitive infrastructure or property such as power stations, water treatment facilities, correctional facilities, heavily traveled roadways or government facilities.
  • In the event of cellular loss, the in-flight drone will switch to gps. Should gps fail, the drone will switch to satcom and look to land at a designated emergency area. Should all systems fail, a parachute will be deployed for a safe landing. 

How Will Drone Delivery Work?

At Tracer Drone Deliveries we are commited to safe flights with pre-planned methods of operation. A typical Drone Delivery will consist of the following: 

  • Delivery order will arrive to the Tracer Drone Deliveries hub
  • A flight plan will be created and authorized
  • Trained in-house staff members will load the drone with the order
  • Pre-flight safety checks will be iniated
  • Once the all clear is given, the pilot will engage for takeoff
  • Our pilot will fly the drone to the delievery location and safely land it
  • Qualified personnel will unload the drone and perform manual inspection that the drone is ready to return back to the delivery hub
  • The pilot will power up the drone and return back to base

Our Delivery Partnership with Hush Aerospace

Hush Aerospace is a UAV Design and Manufacturing company located in an 88k square foot facility in Virginia Beach, VA with an international office located in the UK. Hush Aerospace Headquarters houses an Indoor Flight Test Range, Design, and Manufacturing floors within the facility. As a company, Hush Aerospace is a growing American business that fulfills product design, prototyping, analysis, and manufacturing of Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for achieving multi-modal mission capability across air and water.Our company goal is to change the way the UAV industry is perceived by creating reliable platforms that are capable of long flight times and are payload agnostic but with an emphasis on lowering the acoustic signature of vehicles, so they are designed to be integrated into day-to-day life. Hush platforms have been and are currently being used across both government agencies and within the private sector as a reliable way to lower the end-users' costs while safely saving time through unique platform designs. The goal of Hush Aerospace is to efficiently introduce market sustainable solutions that can be integrated into daily lives as a way to save time, money, and better everyday life.

Introducing the HUSH 1400X8

General Specs
Cross Dimensions- 1400mm Diagonal
Vehicle Weight- 11kg
Minimum Flight Weight- 15kg
Maximum Flight Weight- 30kg
Payload agnostic system (customizable power/mounting)
Range- 50+km
Endurance- 60 minutes (no payload)
GCS- QGround Control, Mission Planner
Motors- T-Motor
ESCs- FOC Drive
Propellers- 28” Diameter
Battery- 12S (Tether option as well)
Flight Controller- Made in the USA!
Data Link- AES256 encrypted C2 with Video
Frame- Carbon Fiber/ Metal Alloy

Standard Features
Rotor failure redundancy
Triple IMU Redundancy
Dual GPS with auto failover
Aviation grade connectors/wiring standards
Aviation grade navigation lights
Redundant Power Source

Optional Features
Ballistic Parachute
SAT-COM using Iridium Satellite communication network
Military spec radio system for telemetry and video
Detect and Avoid Camera System


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