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Drone Harmony

Drone Harmony was founded in 2016 by a team of problem solvers with a passion for drones, software and automation. From our very early days, we have set out to tackle the mathematical and engineering challenges of enabling cost-effective deployment of drone technology in industries, where existing technologies were unable to deliver.

About Drone Harmony

Drone Harmony is a software company developing a data capture platform that enables enterprises to capture quality data of infrastructure assets, thus addressing the main hurdle they encountered when attempting to tap into the benefits of digitalization: the lack of complete, quality and up to date digital databases representing the enterprise assets.

Drone Harmony‘s market-first 3D data capture platform consists of mobile and web applications and a cloud service, all fully integrated. It is designed for easy incorporations into the enterprises’ infrastructure workflow and supports off-the-shelf, widely available drones, making it globally deploy-able. The key enabling technology is an automated mission planning capability that exploits GIS, CAD and shape data about the geometry of the inspected asset and its environment to generate and execute safe and optimized data capture missions in complex use cases. Our platform is the first to incorporate a full 3D working interface.

By now, Drone Harmony has been used to perform more than 60,000 automated data capture missions around the world in five continents and dozens of industries. Our mobile application is widely used to automate complex inspections in the cell tower and bridge inspections, terrain aware mapping and more.

Drone Harmony partnered with Bentley Systems to combine its flight planning technology with the market leading reality modelling solution ContextCapture. Furthermore, together with partners in the inspection industry Drone Harmony develops and deploys automated flight planning solutions across various industries, ranging from inspection of cell towers, pipelines, mines to mapping of roads and many more to come.

Why Use Drone Harmony Software?

Drone Harmony Enterprise Starter (2 Seats)
Drone Harmony Enterprise Starter (2 Seats)
Drone Harmony Enterprise Starter (2 Seats)

Drone Harmony Enterprise Starter (2 Seats)

  • Drone Harmony automates mission planning in the most challenging vertical inspection scenarios, guaranteeing high-quality, and reproducible data collection by pilots with minimal training. The benefit for your business is a reliable and scalable data acquisition process tailored for your industry and use case.

    Fully featured 3D data capture platform for extensive drone operations requiring terrain data and high-end professional drones.


    Model Number: Drone Harmony 1 Year Enterprise Starter

    • Custom terrain data processing & storage
      Custom image storage
      Custom access to Airbus WorldDEM 12-meter grid global data
      Custom map overlay processing & storage (GeoTiffs, *.tiff)
      Access to high-quality country-wide terrain data sets
      DJI Mavic & Phantom Series, Spark*
      DJI Inspire Series *
      DJI Matrice Series *
      Parrot Anafi Ai
      Android App for flight planning & execution
      iOS App for flight execution
      Webportal for flight planning
      Professional automated missions
      Airspace Safety Information (UTM)
    • 1 Year Enterprise Starter License
  • Limited Drone Harmony

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Industries - Business intelligence derived from drone data is only as good as the data that is used to generate it.

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