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First Responder Grants Public Safety Grant Consulting and Training

First Responder Grants offers public safety grant consulting and training for all Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, First Responders & Public Safety Since 1998, our Certified Grants Consultants have helped public safety agencies like yours win over $3,000,000,000 in grant funding. Count on us to be your grant backup!

How can grants help fund a public safety drone program?

Grants and other funding sources are available from a variety of public, private, and non-profit sources. Our expert grants consultants all come from public safety backgrounds, and have extensive experience helping agencies like your navigate the world of public safety grants.

With First Responder Grants, public safety agencies can choose from a variety of grant consulting services:

Training Dates and Locations:

Mar. 15-16, 2023O’Fallon Police Dept., MO$499
Mar. 18–19, 2023Lynch Area Fire Protection District, Danville, Illinois$499
Apr. 15-16, 2023Nobleboro Fire Department, Maine$499
May 8-9, 2023Whitehall, PA$499
May 16-17, 2023York County, ME$499
June 5-6, 2023Urbana, IL$499
Oct. 16-17, 2023Delta College Public Safety & Training, University Center, MI$499

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