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Drone Rescue Systems was founded by Andreas Ploier and Markus Manninger in the city of Graz, Austria. Starting out with a team of two, the company has since attracted an incredible team of talents and shown a remarkable success record. Drone Rescue Systems has won numerous tech and aviation business awards including the ESNC 2016 award and was incubated in the prestigious ESA-BIC as first pick. Drone Rescue Systems was also the first company that passed ASTM-F3322-18 for a drone with a MTOW of 16 kg (DJI-M600). After many successful system integrations with drone companies around the world, we also officially partnered with Auterion in 2022.

We save your multicopter - Essential drone safety for commercial and BVLOS flights

Our drone recovery systems provide a critical extra layer of safety and security that is crucial for advanced commercial drone operations such as BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight), package delivery, and flights over people.

In addition to protecting your expensive investments, our products significantly reduce risk of endangerment to public safety, and increase your chances of being approved for operational waivers or flight certifications. As the commercial UAV industry continues to grow, our parachute systems can also help you achieve lower premiums or deductibles from drone insurance companies.

Innovative re-usable design

Drone Rescue Systems’ UAV parachute products are based around a simple electrically-triggered catapult mechanism that requires no servos, pyrotechnics or consumables such as CO2. With no compressed gases or explosives, our drone recovery systems are easy to transport or travel with and require no special licensing.

Modular UAV recovery equipment

With minimal parts and a rugged carbon cage enclosure, the lightweight system makes minimal impact upon the SWaP (size, weight, and power) budget of an unmanned aircraft, and is easily attached to and removed from the UAS via a simple bayonet-lock mechanism. LED light and acoustic status signals provide notification of drone takeoff as well as deployment of the parachute.

The re-usable parachute can be repacked within minutes, allowing you to get your drone flight-ready again with a minimum of hassle.

The system is completely autonomous and independent from the UAV flight controller and other electronics, continually monitoring parameters such as descent rate and pitch and roll angles. Deploying in milliseconds, it activates even in the worst-case scenario when autopilots or radio links have failed.

Choose a system that is designed for your drone

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