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About HUSH Aerospace

Hush Aerospace is a UAV design and manufacturing company located in a 100k square foot facility in Virginia Beach, VA that houses an indoor flight test range, design and manufacturing floor. As a company Hush Aerospace is a growing business that fulfills product design, prototyping, analysis, and manufacturing of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) for achieving multi- modal mission capability across air and water. Our company goal is to change the way the UAV industry is perceived by creating reliable platforms that not only are capable of long flight times and are payload agnostic but we put a focus on lowering the acoustic signature of vehicles so they can be integrated into day to day life. Hush’s platforms have been and are currently being used across both government agencies and within the private sector as a reliable way to lower the end users costs while safely saving time through unique platform designs.

HUSH Aerospace Drone Products

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