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SkyWatch Drone Flight Insurance

SkyWatch.AI provides an ingenious, holistic solution for safety, compliance and insurance needs for the drone industry, heavily based on drones data telemetry analytics. The platform leverages the fact that drones are connected IoT platforms by nature, to utilize a variety of data sources and analyze drone flight risks. SkyWatch.AI is the first and only solution that utilizes drone telemetry to assess flight risks and award good pilots with better rates. So why settle for pay-when-you-fly, when you get get pay-HOW-you-fly?

How Can I Plan and Insure My Drone Flight?

With SkyWatch.AI, operators can plan their flight, see potential hazards and get insured with a tap of a button (for prices as low as $5/hour!) Additionally, operators can fly with a proprietary Flight Module to get real-time warnings and a post-flight analysis, including SkyWatch’s unique Safety Score. Pilots that accumulate flights with a high Safety Score will get lower rates on their premiums.


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