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Autel EVO Max Payload Drop System-H

by Autel
  • The Payload Drop System for the Autel EVO Max series has 4 attachment points that can be released sequentially or all at once. Operate via the aircraft's app. Maximum load capacity 0.5/1 kg, subject to aircraft restrictions. Available only with authorized Autel Payload Drop systems.

    ONLY Compatible with Autel EVO Max 4T & 4N drones. Drone is not included.

    Operated through the aircraft's app. Capacity 0.7 lbs.


    Model Number: EVO Max Payload Drop System

    What is in the Box? 1x Payload Drop System

    • Capable of carrying 4 items that can be dropped individually or all at the same time.
    • 1. Weight: 130g (machine added, aluminum alloy bracket)
      2. Dimensions: 66mm long x 123mm wide x 42mm high
      3. Number of mounts: 4, 2 on each side
      4. Installation method: strap type
      5. Data interface: Connect to EVO Max series aircraft via USB Type-C
      6. App unlock/manual unlock
  • Limited Autel