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H520E + E90X US Cyber Secure System

by Airwise
  • With a lightweight, easy-to-setup build and unmatched stability in the air, the AirWise drone platform is your ultimate aerial workhorse. It’s also US-Certified by AirWise with hardware, software and firmware independently verified for unmatched safety and data security.

    Tested & Proven US Secure

    All the source code is maintained and compiled on U.S. servers by an
    independent third party. Furthermore, Synopsys®, the global leader in
    software application security testing, verified the security and certified
    that AirWise prevented attacks, had no involuntary data transfers, no
    backdoor communications or telemetry, and no malicious constructs.
    AirWise Solutions supervised each step in the certification process with
    clear documentation and chain of custody.

    · All source code is maintained in the U.S., compiled in the U.S. and
    manages a clear U.S. chain of custody.

    · Verified that final product—both hardware and firmware—is not a
    security risk based on a report from Synopsys, the global leader in
    software application security testing.

    · Seamlessly integrates U.S.-made Flight Planning AirWise software

    MFG Part Number: H520E-E90XUSC

    Model Number: H520E with E90X

    What's In the box?

    - 1 US Cyber Secure H520E airframe
    - ST16E
    - 2 batteries
    - Balancing Smart Charger
    - Power supply
    - Charging cords
    - Controller neck strap
    - 1 E90X camera w/UV lens filter

    • Stable flight in up to 45 mph winds
    • Reliable hexacopter design, so it still completes mission if a single motor fails
    • Lightweight and portable
    • Hot-swappable cameras and versatile payloads
    • This combination is an optimal ready-to-fly setup
  • - Take Off Weight: 4.1 lbs w/o payload
    - Dimensions: 21.6"" x 19"" x 12.1""
    - Flight Time: 25-30 minutes, depending on flight conditions
    - Weight: .77 lbs.
    - Color Mode: RGB
    - Effective Pixels: 20MP
    - 3-Axis Gimbal

    E90X camera for the H520E, US Certified and Cyber Secure

    100MB 60FPS Video capture
    330° gimbal rotation
    Low distortion lens
    3-Axis Gimbal
    4K Video Resolution
    1" SONY Sensor - great in low light

  • 1 Year Manufacturer warranty for main parts & electronics
    30 Days warranty on the lithium batteries