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AirWise Flight, Fleet and Safety Manager Software

by Airwise
  • Flight Manager is built to simplify drone operations with precision at any scale. Reduce multiple workflows down to one comprehensive, easily accessible software solution, increasing efficiency and saving costs immediately.

  • Available both on your mobile app or web-based solution anywhere and anytime

  • Pre-flight features:
    Fleet Management recording and organizing your jobs, flights, drones, and pilots
    Flight planning and safety managment for autonomous missions
    - Various survey, structure, and orbit (coming soon) scans
    - Obstacle detection from towers or buildings for safety
    - Weather alerts
    - FAA compliance and airspace planning
    - LAANC Authorization (coming soon)
    - Highly configurable overlap settings, camera angles, speed, and patterns
    - 2D and 3D views
    Mid-flight features:
    Live video feed
    Mission update visuals
    Battery management
    Multiple flight management
    Post-flight features:
    Fleet management of previous flights, and planned future flights
    Viewable fleet management of all your jobs, flights, drones, and pilots
    - Flight logs
    - Pilot information
    - Compliance information and records
    - Drone information
    - Predictive maintenance
    Data storage: Images and video, image tagging, Flight, & Fleet
    - RTK & PPK data included (provided RTK drone used)
    - Ready for AirWise photogrammetry & processing
    - Ready for AirWise Cloud Data Management
  • 30 Days