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Autel Robotics EVO II Remote Controller Standard, V2 - ONLY WORKS WITH V2 UNITS

by Autel
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  • EVOⅡRemote Controller supports transmission up to 9 km away and enables real-time video receiving and playing without the need of connecting to a smartphone. Apart from real-time video, a standard 3.26-inch OLED screen keeps you informed of critical information including battery level, GPS signal and flying speed.

    MFG Part Number:

    Model Number: EVO II Remote Controller Standard

    Whats In The Box?

    1x Controller

    • - 330 nits of brightness
      - Built-in 3.3 inch OLED screen
      - Economic design for a comfortable grip
      - Live video feed without the need for a mobile device

  • Autel Controller for V2 models only

  • 12 Months