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Dual Thermal FLIR 640x512 with 32 degree FOV, and RGB camera for the H520

  • Thermal Camera payload with 34 degree FOV 640 sensor. 3-axis stabilized camera.

    MFG Part Number: YUNE10TVX32US

    Model Number: E10TvX32

    Whats In The Box? E10Tv32X Camera

    • Stable in high winds to work the job, when the job requires. Not the weather.
    • Fault tolerant and can fly with one failed motor for the highest reliability
    • No network connectivity required for faster up time and security
    • FLIR Boson 640x512 thermal resolution sensor with 32 degree FOV
    • Three Axis Gimbal
  • Weight: 350 g
    Dimensions: 115 x 80 x 130 mm
    Controllable Range: Tilt: 15° to -90° / Pan: 360° limitless
    Compatible Platforms: H520E (approx. 28 min flight time)

    FOV: 89.6°
    Sensor: 1/2.8" 2MP 23mm F2.8
    Range: 2 km
    Photo Resolution: 16:9, 1920x1080, JPG
    TF Support: FAT32(= 32 GB) / exFAT(>32 GB)
    Video Resolution: FHD (1920x1080), H264
    (NTSC) 24/25/30/48/60, MP4
    ISO: 100 - 12800
    Shutter: 1/30 - 1/8000s

    Thermal Resolution: 640x512
    Sensor Technology: uncooled VOx microbolometer
    Effective Frame Rate: < 9Hz
    Pixel Size: 12 µm
    Spectral Range: 8-14 µm
    Scene Range (Low Gain): -40°C to 550°C
    Spot Meter: >98,5%, no clusters > 3x3
    Sensitivity: < 50 mK, @f/1.0
    Scene Range (High Gain): 640 × 512: -25°C to 135°C / 320 × 256:-25°C to
    Color & Monochrome Palettes (LUTs): Yes
    Image Optimization: Yes
    Digital Detail Enhancement: Yes
    Polarity Control (black hot/white hot): Yes
    Video Format: MP4
    Photo Format: JPEG, TIFF

  • 1 year